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Breakthrough Device can Split Signals on Terahertz Wavelengths

Breakthrough Device can Split Signals on Terahertz Wavelengths

One of the most basic components of any communications network is a power splitter that allows a signal to be sent to multiple users and devices. Researchers have now developed just such a device for terahertz radiation—a range of frequencies that may one day enable data transfer up to 100 times faster than current cellular

American Medical Association warns of health and safety problems from ‘white’ LED streetlights

By Richard G. ‘Bugs’ Stevens, University of Connecticut. The American Medical Association (AMA) has just adopted an official policy statement about street lighting: cool it and dim it. The statement, adopted unanimously at the AMA’s annual meeting in Chicago on June 14, comes in response to the rise of new LED street lighting sweeping the

Cloaking Process Will Make Solar Cells More Efficient [Video]

A solar cell is basically a semiconductor, which converts sunlight into electricity, sandwiched between metal contacts that carry the electrical current. But this widely used design has a flaw: The critical but shiny metal on top of the cell reflects sunlight away from the semiconductor where electricity is produced, reducing the cell’s efficiency. Now, scientists