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Could gay-straight alliances reduce school bullying?

Could gay-straight alliances reduce school bullying?

By Robert Marx, Vanderbilt University and Heather Hensman Kettrey, Vanderbilt University. As students across the country zip up their backpacks and get on the bus for the first day of school, many will have more to focus on than memorizing their new schedules or making it to homeroom on time. For some, the chief concern

Sex on TV: Less impact on teens than you might think

By Christopher Ferguson, Stetson University . Few people would doubt that sex is ubiquitous in media – whether movies, television, music or books – and that teens today have unprecedented access to all of it. It’s often taken for granted that this easy access to “sexy media” has an influence on teenage sexuality. Specifically, the

Should parents ask their children to apologize?

Craig Smith, University of Michigan Have you ever felt deserving of an apology and been upset when you didn’t get one? Have you ever found it hard to deliver the words, I’m sorry? Such experiences show how much apologies matter. The importance placed on apologies is shared by many cultures. Diverse cultures even share a

Why the GM food labeling debate is not over

By Jane Kolodinsky, University of Vermont. The U.S. Senate this week reached a compromise to require food manufacturers to label foods that contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients, a bill that would preempt state-level laws. The deal comes only one week before Vermont’s law to require GM food labeling will go into effect. If the Senate

Why public health scholars should study pornography

By Emily Rothman, Boston University. On April 19, Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert signed a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis. The resolution has sparked debate, but for most public health experts, the idea that pornography has some relevance to our health as a society isn’t too controversial. This topic is in my wheelhouse.

Straight A students may not be the best innovators

Matthew Mayhew, New York University and Benjamin S. Selznick, New York University Demand for innovation is at an all-time high. Innovation is now recognized as being key to economic growth strategies in the United States, Canada and countries in the European Union. As a result, there is an increased need to understand what drives innovation.

Are dating apps killing long-term relationships?

Skye C. Cleary, Columbia University Online dating sites and apps are transforming relationships. More than 10 percent of American adults – and almost 40 percent of people who identify as “single and looking” – are using online dating websites and apps. But what might someone from the 19th century think about this unique fusion of