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Cassini Getting Set for Dramatic “Ring-Grazing Orbits” of Saturn [Video]

Cassini Getting Set for Dramatic “Ring-Grazing Orbits” of Saturn [Video]

A thrilling ride is about to begin for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Engineers have been pumping up the spacecraft’s orbit around Saturn this year to increase its tilt with respect to the planet’s equator and rings. And on Nov. 30, following a gravitational nudge from Saturn’s moon Titan, Cassini will enter the first phase of the

Strange Depression on Mars Could Harbor Life

A strangely shaped depression on Mars could be a new place to look for signs of life on the Red Planet, researchers say. The depression was probably formed by a volcano beneath a glacier and could have been a warm, chemical-rich environment well suited for microbial life. “We were drawn to this site because it

Juno Reveals Jupiter’s Strange & Unique North Pole

A news release on reveals that NASA’s Juno spacecraft has sent back the first-ever images of Jupiter’s north pole, taken during the spacecraft’s first flyby of the planet with its instruments switched on. The images show storm systems and weather activity unlike anything previously seen on any of our solar system’s gas-giant planets. Juno

Lift-off for NASA mission to collect grains from an asteroid that may be on collision course with Earth

By Monica Grady, The Open University. It’s been a great few weeks for missions to small, primitive bodies. We’ve just about digested the latest news from the Ceres asteroid and rejoiced at the recovery of the comet-lander Philae, in time to wish a safe journey to NASA’s exciting new mission to Asteroid 101955 Bennu. OSIRIS-REx

NASA’s Juno to Make Closest Pass to Jupiter

This Saturday at 5:51 a.m. PDT, (8:51 a.m. EDT, 12:51 UTC) NASA’s Juno spacecraft will get closer to the cloud tops of Jupiter than at any other time during its prime mission. At the moment of closest approach, Juno will be about 2,500 miles (4,200 kilometers) above Jupiter’s swirling clouds and traveling at 130,000 mph

Imagine Landing On Pluto [Video]

Imagine a future spacecraft following New Horizons’ trailblazing path to Pluto, but instead of flying past its target, the next visitor touches down in the midst of tall mountains on the icy plains of Pluto’s heart. There’s no need to wait for that fantasy trip, thanks to new video produced by New Horizons scientists. Made