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Mysterious chimpanzee behaviour may be evidence of ‘sacred’ rituals [Video]

Mysterious chimpanzee behaviour may be evidence of ‘sacred’ rituals [Video]

Laura Kehoe, Humboldt University of Berlin I trampled clumsily through the dense undergrowth, attempting in vain to go a full five minutes without getting snarled in the thorns that threatened my every move. It was my first field mission in the savannahs of the Republic of Guinea. The aim was to record and understand a

What clues does your dog’s spit hold for human mental health?

Elinor Karlsson, University of Massachusetts Medical School Dogs were the first animals people domesticated, long before the earliest human civilizations appeared. Today, tens of thousands of years later, dogs have an unusually close relationship with us. They share our homes and steal our hearts – and have even evolved to love us back. Sadly, they

Contribute to Science: Count Croaks

If you’re looking for a way that you can easily and satisfyingly contribute to scientific research without even having to spend a lot of time on it, then here’s a suggestion: count frog croaks. We found an awesome article over on the Discover Magazine site that details the work that FrogWatch USA is doing to