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Here’s why daylight saving time isn’t worth the trouble it causes

Here’s why daylight saving time isn’t worth the trouble it causes

By Laura Grant, Claremont McKenna College. Today the sun is shining during my commute home from work. But this weekend, public service announcements will remind us to “fall back,” ending daylight saving time (DST) by setting our clocks an hour earlier on Sunday, Nov. 6. On Nov. 7, many of us will commute home in

[Video] The 7 Most Mysterious Lost Ancient Lands

Almost everyone is familiar with the legend of the lost city of Atlantis, which was a fictional island first imagined by Plato in his stories of “Ancient Athens.”  But there are many other stories of lost lands or cities across the cultures of the world, and some that were simply assumed to be myths turn out to have

Looking for art in artificial intelligence

By Michael Casey, Dartmouth College and Daniel N. Rockmore, Dartmouth College. Algorithms help us to choose which films to watch, which music to stream and which literature to read. But what if algorithms went beyond their jobs as mediators of human culture and started to create culture themselves? In 1950 English mathematician and computer scientist Alan

10 Amazing Facts About Dreams [Video]

Everyone dreams every night (except for some people with very rare sleep disorders), but most people don’t remember their dreams for very long, so many believe that they don’t dream some nights when science has shown that isn’t the case. Science still has no answer to the question of why we dream, and maybe we

Reconsidering Body Worlds: why do we still flock to exhibits of dead human beings?

By Samuel Redman, University of Massachusetts Amherst. When Dr. Gunther von Hagens started using “plastination“ in the 1970s to preserve human bodies, he likely did not anticipate the wild success of the Body Worlds exhibitions that stem from his creation. Body Worlds has since hosted millions of visitors to its exhibits, including six spin-offs. The offshoots